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4 HVAC Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

The chilling temperatures of winter are approaching fast and our homes will need to be in tip-top shape to combat the cold season. The main appliance that will require your utmost attention is your furnace, which is in charge of keeping us warm and cozy.

Furnaces, like most home appliances, need a lot of upkeep and TLC. The wear and tear they experience winter in and winter out can cause mechanical issues and in return, cause some irritating noises. Below are four furnace noises you should not ignore this winter.

Don’t Ignore These 4 HVAC Noises

1. Rattling

Nights filled with furnace rattling are the worst. It’s the middle of the night, there’s nothing you can really do, and maintenance workers aren’t likely coming out to aid your sleep. Rattling sounds indicate broken or worn components in the fan or motor portion of a furnace. If the sound becomes even louder when your blower is running, turn your system off ASAP — this most likely means that something is disconnected entirely.

A trained technician (like the team at My Plumber Heating and Cooling!) will have to inspect and repair your HVAC.

2. Clicking or Clacking

An HVAC that runs smoothly will make a humming sound. But if it’s clicking or clanking, there is usually an issue with the flame sensor or the ignition and gas.

3. Squealing

Squealing is a sign of weak bearings on the blower motor or the inducer motor. Whenever pieces of the motor become misaligned, the squealing noises go off and don’t stop until the condition is completely repaired.

If you hear the squealing or screeching noise the entire time your HVAC is running, then a technician will come and fix the fan motor. If you only hear the noise when your HVAC first starts up, the issue most likely is coming from the compressor and the motor that operates it. Unless your HVAC is under warranty (which we hope it is!), you may be better off replacing your entire system.

4. Booming

Any boom sound we hear is scary, mind-boggling, and makes our heart drop. If you hear a boom from your furnace, it may be because of gas build-up in its system. If booms are ignored, it could crack the heat exchanger and completely burn out the furnace; and that is something absolutely none of us want.

These four noises are key to pay attention to this winter; and if you hear these noises, you will need to attend to them as soon as possible. Maintenance can be very expensive and the sooner you get things checked out, the better.

Tips to Prolong the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

While performing regular maintenance and scheduling a visit from the plumbers may not seem urgent today, these best practices will ultimately save you cash in the days to come.

  • Check your thermostat.

Check the programming in your thermostat and update the temperature for a new season. Turning on your heat while your thermostat is still set to air conditioning mode can lead to costly issues.

  • Clean your HVAC filters.

All HVAC filters become dirty over time (even high-quality ones), so don’t forget to replace your filters regularly to improve your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your system.

  • Don’t wait too long to turn on your furnace.

The most common mistake homeowners make during the winter is waiting for the coldest night of the season to turn on their furnace. Waiting too long is not only uncomfortable for everyone in your home, but it will also lead to costly repairs. If there ends up being an issue with your furnace, it’s better to find out before our nights become freezing.

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Why Heater Maintenance is so Important

The main reason heater maintenance is so important is because it saves you money! An inefficient heater will quickly skyrocket your utility bill. Poor air flow makes your unit work harder, leading to a shortened lifespan of your equipment. A last-minute emergency call runs the risk of a higher repair bill than a regular service call. Overall, having your unit regularly inspected is a very cost-efficient decision to make for your home.

During our heater inspection and maintenance, we’ll check the following:

  • Heat exchanger

  • Condensation pan

  • Blower assembly

  • Air filters

  • Flue connection

  • Safety devices

  • Flame sensors and burners

  • Thermostat

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