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All You Need to Know About the Home Appliance Economy Setting

Most home appliances sold in the last several years function with full-power and economy modes or settings. Conserve water and save a little more by using a little less: It sounds like a no brainer. But it’s somewhat more complicated.

Does the economy setting on your water heater work?

Economy settings built into a bevy of home appliances today promise to reduce water consumption, yes, but also to reduce the oil, gas, or electricity required to operate your washing machine or water heater. An added benefit: You’ll feel like you’re doing your part to diminish your own carbon footprint and the heavy strain on the planet’s natural resources.

They’ll save you money and conserve water, but some home appliance models equipped with ‘economy’ settings sacrifice a bit of performance to do so. If you’re in the market for a washer or a water heater to run sustainably, take the time to review consumer and Energy Star® ratings data to compare models’ power and efficiency. My Plumber Heating & Cooling believes it is possible to act with conservation in mind without having to wash your delicates over and over again. Just think about it. How much are you saving, really, when you’re forced to run multiple cycles just to get things clean?

Think, too, about your own habits. Overfill the washing machine, and it won’t matter what kind of setting is used; performance will suffer. Read your manuals and always follow manufacturers’ recommendations for the operation of your small home appliances.

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