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Don’t Ignore Annual Check-ups

With New Year’s right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about resolutions. Typically, resolutions involve an increased awareness in preventative medicine because an illness is easier to treat if symptoms are caught early and few people can afford to get sick. Much like performing a monthly breast exam, preventative maintenance of your HVAC system is tantamount to keeping it healthy and preventing costly repairs later. With regular maintenance, small problems won’t turn into big problems, and you will enjoy optimal comfort system performance.

A comprehensive furnace tune-up includes combustion efficiency cleaning & testing, inspection for gas leaks, ignition system & safety controls, burner adjustment, lubricating motors and more.

Reasons our heating and air repair technicians recommend getting a furnace tune-up are:

  • Longer-lasting equipment– means you won’t have to spend money on new equipment.
  • Lower utility bills– since your system’s efficiency is increased up to 20%.
  • Increased comfortability– your home will get warmer quicker because of increased capacity- up to 25%.
  • Safety for your family– Annual tune-ups will identify carbon monoxide leaks- which can be deadly.

The reasonable cost of regular furnace maintenance will save you time and potentially thousands of dollars in the long run. You will protect your investment in your heating system … and add more value to your home. Maintenance for your gas furnace should be performed once a year. It’s best done prior to the busy season because you may not get the appointment you want if you are calling in the middle of a blizzard.

Your tune-up could be FREE!

If you are enrolled in the My Plumber Heating and Cooling Priority Club, your tune-up is included as part of the cost as well as: Two additional Preventative Maintenance Checks, Priority Service, Waived Dispatch Fees, and $2,200 in Priority Club coupons. Besides, winter is here and you don’t want to be stuck with a “no heat” emergency.

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