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Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Your Holiday

Leaky pipes and fixtures are never convenient for a homeowner, but when they happen during the holiday season, it can be twice as bothersome. For one thing, most people are a lot busier during those times, with shopping, socializing, and extra family activities. Then too, trying to reach a professional plumber might be a bit more difficult during the holiday season, because chances are your plumber has many of the same extra commitments that you do, while still trying to maintain his/her business. Pipe repair – emergency repair service

In contrast to holiday unavailability at some other companies, when you contact My Plumber Heating & Cooling, you can be guaranteed of same day service. And if you should need a problem drain cleared, it will be completed within 90 minutes – or it’s free*! When you find any of the home leaks mentioned below at your residence, be sure to call the expert plumbing specialists at My Plumber Heating and Cooling.

Wrap your pipes

One of the most common reasons that pipes burst in the winter time is that cold-water pipes are situated near the home’s exterior, and when there is no water flowing through them, they can easily become frozen when the temperature dips. By wrapping your pipes with some kind of insulator, you’ll significantly lessen the likelihood of freezing pipes, and the complete loss of water service that goes with it. Being proactive about this is far better than having to thaw out all your pipes, and possibly having to replace some which burst in the process.

Eyeball under the sink

It’s a good idea to look under your kitchen or bathroom sink once in a while, since these are common areas for plumbing mishaps to occur. If you can look under the sink and see that everything appears normal and dry, chances are that everything’s under control.

Check the pipes

Even if you’re not a plumbing expert, you should be able to see obvious trouble spots in the piping throughout your home. Of course, you won’t be able to observe pipes which have been routed behind walls, but those in the basement can easily be checked for any apparent leaks or drips. Rust is another condition to be on the lookout for, since that can develop into a compromised pipe fairly quickly.

Check your water heater’s drain pan

Once the lining of your water heater wears thin, water will probably begin dripping through the base soon afterward, and when a water heater starts dripping, it’s pretty much kaput. Hopefully the unit is still under warranty, and a quick call to your dealer will net you a replacement with minimal charge. If there isn’t a pan under your water heater, it might be a good idea to place one there, so that if a drip develops in between your spot checks, the water will be trapped before it can spread around the basement.

Don’t forget faucets

Even if you love the look of your kitchen and bathroom faucets, you should keep in mind that they won’t last forever, so if they’re a little on the older side, you should make your checks for dripping more frequent. In most cases, it’s simply easier to replace an old faucet entirely than it is to go through the hassle of swapping out washers or other sources of problems.

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