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DOs and DON’Ts for the Keep & Care of Your Air Conditioner in Northern VA

It’s summertime in northern Virginia and it is HOT.

If for no other reason than to beat the July heat, it’s so important
to keep your
air conditioner in tip-top shape. But that may not be as easy as it sounds. You could,
without even knowing it, be causing significant harm to your heating,
ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Luckily: My Plumber Heating & Cooling is northern Virginia’s
AC expert.

Plumber Heating & Cooling understands that most northern Virginia homeowners
aren’t HVAC technicians, so that’s why we’ll take this
opportunity to talk about certain practices to implement (and a few to
quit) in the keep and care of your air conditioner. Improper equipment
installation could decrease your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by 30%.

Replace your air filters regularly.

Two words: Air filter. A fresh, breathable air filter is arguably the most
important component of maintaining a properly functioning air conditioner
in northern Virginia. Furnace air filters keep dirt, dust, pollen, and
animal dander out of your air ducts, and more importantly, out of your
lungs; they need to be changed or cleaned once every 30–90 days.
Without regular air filter maintenance, the unit performance will suffer,
and your energy bills will rise.

Don’t ignore small problems.

Is your air conditioner making strange noises? Is your cold air not feeling
all that cold? Call My Plumber Heating & Cooling right away. Our experienced
technicians are on standby, ready to correct minor HVAC issues before
they turn into bigger problems.

Do operate your thermostat correctly.

The average American home spends about 2.7% of their income on energy bills.
That’s about $2,000 a year. You might think, “If I’m
cold, I’ll turn the thermostat up. If I get too warm, I’ll
turn it down.” Rinse and repeat all day, every day. Many northern
Virginia homeowners don’t realize that such constant adjustment
can ultimately result in higher operating costs, and may shorten the life
of the air conditioning unit. Instead, choose a comfortable temperature
that suits the whole family.

Don’t forget: Your air conditioner needs to be inspected and tuned-up.

The key to keeping cool all summer in northern Virginia is proper air conditioner
maintenance. My Plumber Heating & Cooling recommends having an HVAC
technician perform an inspection and a tune-up twice a year at minimum.

Call My Plumber Heating & Cooling for all of your air conditioner maintenance,
repair, and replacement needs in northern Virginia.

My Plumber Heating & Cooling offers air conditioner repair and replacement
services for all brands of residential units; full commercial air conditioner
maintenance plans; and both residential and commercial VIP Club that includes
plumbing, heating and air conditioning maintenance solutions.

Call the air conditioner experts in northern Virginia: My Plumber Heating
& Cooling.

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