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Heat Pump Repair Costs Can Be Expensive Without Regular Maintenance

A heat pump is a great, energy-efficient way to heat or cool your home. It’s a great investment because the transfer of heat energy from indoors to out (or outdoors to in) is far cheaper than most other heating or cooling methods used during most of the year.

For these reasons, homeowners invest in a heat pump system. However, the system must be properly maintained in order to last the 20 year unit life expectancy. Improper maintenance (or worse, no maintenance at all) will severely reduce not only the lifespan of the unit, but its efficiency— negating any cost savings.

A heat pump is simple enough to maintain. Every month, you should change the filter because every particle of dust or debris landing on the coils, reduces the efficiency of the coils.

Once a year, you should have the unit serviced, just as you would your A/C or furnace. This is mostly preventative, as good maintenance should be, because once you start having problems, the fixes are often very expensive.

A heat pump, is at its heart, a series of simple machines. However, there are many moving parts to it: the blower, the coils, the switch, the compressor, and any auxiliary or backup unit. All of these need to work efficiently together. When even one part starts having problems, it usually causes the other parts to have to work harder, meaning that by the time something actually breaks down, many of the parts have been in failing health and should all be replaced.

So, when you need heat pump, heating, or air conditioner maintenance, call your friendly, local plumber service, My Plumber, for all-in-one service and value. Call us today at (844) 294-8999.

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