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How Does Humidity Affect Your HVAC?

Excessive humidity can make it feel hotter during the summer and can make us feel sluggish and tired. Not only does humidity affect how we feel, but it also takes a toll on your air conditioner. When the moisture in your home is too high or too low, achieving your desired comfort level becomes tricky. Here’s how your HVAC is affected by humidity, and what you can do to ensure optimal cooling this summer:

HVAC Humidity Problems

Your air conditioner cools your home by removing heat and moisture from the air and providing you with a cooling sensation. When humidity levels increase, however, your AC will need to work a lot harder. In addition to working harder, if your unit is old, it may not have the cooling capacity to fight off the humidity, causing it to break.

A few common signs that your home’s humidity level is too high include:

  • A musty odor caused by excessive moisture and dampness around your home.
  • Foggy windows as a result of vaporized water in your indoor air.
  • Moist, clammy air which can make your skin feel clammy while you’re indoors.

Cooling Capacity and Humidity

We all want to feel comfortable and cool in our homes during the summertime. High levels of humidity can make it feel like we’re sitting directly out in the hot summer sun. In theory, your AC should be able to remove the moisture in the air. However, most systems cannot cope with high levels of humidity. Humid air cancels out the cooling effects of your HVAC, causing a big waste in energy and hot home. Ultimately, you’re paying more to cool your home that won’t be able actually to cool efficiently

Utilizing Dehumidifiers

For most homes, the best way to fight off unwanted humidity in your home is by having a dehumidifier installed. This appliance can be installed on your HVAC system to pull moisture from the air before being forced through your air ducts. Your air conditioner will work alongside your dehumidifier to efficiently cool your home.

With a dehumidifier, you will feel notice that your indoor air quality has improved and that your home feels cooler and more refreshed. Musty odors should be eliminated, and you should no longer see foggy windows. You should also see a significant drop in your utility bill, as your air conditioner no longer has to work as hard to cool your home.

Call My Plumber to Schedule a Maintenance Service

If you’re concerned about the humidity levels in your home, don’t hesitate to have an HVAC professional look at your unit.

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