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How to Check If Your Pilot Light is Out

Your Pilot Light is the Key to Stay Warm

Fact: Your water heater and gas furnace are two crucial details in your home. And during the colder months out of the year, they play even more prominent roles to provide comfort. One feature that they share in common is that they both rely heavily on a small flame, the pilot light, to work correctly. This essential light is a continuous flame which ignites the burner assembly when it recognizes a change in temperature from your thermostat, or that the water temperature has fallen below your settings.

If your pilot light is out, your water heater will not function properly. If you feel as if your unit’s flame is out, follow these simple steps that will help identify if it is broken. If you notice any of the following warning signs, contact your local plumber immediately.

Remove or Open the Burner Chamber Door

Typically, for both water heaters and furnaces, your burner chamber would be located at the bottom of the unit, with the door situated on the front side of the housing.

Locate the Pilot Light Tube

Below the burner will be your pilot gas line, which is a small metal tube with a slight upturn at the end. If the pilot light is lit, you’ll notice a blue flame burning at the end. If there’s no flame, then your light is out.

Re-Light the Pilot Light

Your appliance should come with instructions for re-lighting your pilot light. After following these instructions, if the flame comes back and operates properly, the system should remain working. If the light does not stay lit, you should schedule an appointment with your local plumber so they can service and inspect the unit.

If your pilot light is out, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at My Plumber. We accept calls 24/7, and will work to ensure your water heater is back to keeping you warm in no time! Give us a call at F:P:Site:Phone or contact us online.

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