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How To Hide Your TV Wires

After spending megabucks on your big beautiful new TV and hanging it on
the wall, the last thing you want is cords and cables ruining the look.
There are a few simple fixes that can help you hide your TV wires, and
get back to binge-watching your favorite show in peace.

All you need are a few various tools for a simple fix, including a utility
knife, mount plates, screwdrivers, end-cutting wire cutters, a voltage
tester, and a drill with a half-inch wood drill bit. You may also need
additional supplies, such as TV cable connectors and wire nuts for joining
wire ends. Here’s the fix:

1. Start by cutting a hole in your drywall behind the television, and another one behind your entertainment center.

2. Pull the wires through the mount plates you’ve purchased, and tighten them to the wall.

3. Use a drywall saw to cut holes, and use your screwdriver to secure the mount plates.

You can use a stud finder to ensure that you have space to run the cables
through open spaces.

Other Important Details About Hiding Your TV Wires

  • Never run power cables behind the wall to your TV as this will cause a
    fire hazard. Instead, a power outlet extension with a building-safe wire
    should be used behind your TV.

  • Use an extension cable to run to an existing outlet.

  • Use a cable pass-through port. This port is typically a huge hole in the
    wall plate allowing you to stick cables of any shape and size, including
    audio, HDMI, or any other cables needed.

  • Use wall-safe HDMI cables. Some kits have properly shielded HDMI cables
    that safely run behind your wall. However, you can always buy these cables
    if it’s not included.

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