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Installation Process Primer for New HVAC Systems

An important step in our top quality service is to let the homeowner know exactly what to expect. That puts their mind at ease and makes sure everyone is on the same page. With that in mind, here is the process for installing a new HVAC system

Before Starting Work

We will call you on the day of the installation when we are en route so you will know exactly when to expect us. An HVAC installation crew usually consists of three people. The lead technician will introduce himself and the crew to you.

The lead technician will then go over the job with you while the others prepare the work area, bringing in tools and laying down drop cloths to keep your floors clear.

Removing the Old Unit

The first step before removing your old unit is recovering the coolant. Then we remove the electrical components, and the wires. Finally we’ll move out the old equipment and the thermostat.

Bringing in the New Unit

After cleaning up the old space, we’ll bring in the new equipment and the tools we need to install it. Sometimes some retrofitting may be necessary to support the new unit, or to make the unit sit level, in which case we will also handle that. If the access is small, like in an attic or crawlspace, we will also disassemble the new unit to get it in there. In the case of outdoor equipment, if the old pad has heaved, we will level the soil underneath.

When everything is prepared, we set the new equipment in place. We will upgrade or replace any necessary electricals such as fuses and disconnect boxes. All installations are done to code, including adding flue pipes, sediment traps and drain line.


After installation, we go the extra mile to make sure that everything is shipshape. We flush out the old lines before adding new refrigerant, braze the lines to ensure they are leak-proof, and then run pressure and vacuum tests. These tests can take several hours, but they are extremely important to do. After all the tests are passed, the install is complete. The crew will clean up and the lead technician will help you fill out the rest of the paperwork, show you how to use the new system, and answer any questions you might have. He will also go over the job with you to ensure you are satisfied.

Hopefully this has cleared up any concerns you had for the process. If you need a new HVAC system, you know who to call — My Plumber Heating and Air Repair.

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