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Is Your Water Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

Have you noticed the taste or smell of chlorine in your water? Is your water discolored or leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Have no fear, it’s not a terrorist attack. Instead, local water municipalities in Virginia and Maryland use free chlorine or ozone as a means to disinfect the water as part of their annual main line flushing. The flushing also helps to remove sediment and mineral deposits.

Whether you have well or public water, if you would like to improve the taste and smell of your water, My Plumber can help. We offer the best water treatment options to protect for contaminants. Our service area encompasses surrounding towns within 30 miles of Arlington, Silver Spring, and Boston, Virginia. In fact, the water treatment devices we use, were verified to remove harmful biological microorganisms through testing conducted by NSF and the Environmental Protection Agency National Homeland Security Research.

If you are experiencing spots on your plates or glasses after running the dishwasher, if your clothes are scratchy and less vibrant, or after showering, if you are left with a sticky film on your body, you probably have hard water. A simple water test, by our experienced and certified technicians, can tell you what action needs to be taken. From filtration filters to reverse osmosis systems to water softeners or ultraviolet products, our plumbers offer the best products available. Call My Plumber and book your water conditioning appointment today.

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