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Keeping Our Community Warm This Season

Heating your home is essential, especially this unusually cold fall season
for Virginia and Maryland, and especially for Mrs. Miller, a Temple Hills,
Maryland resident, who will be extra warm at the request of a kindhearted
My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical employee, Bill Bishop.

Mrs. Miller, a local senior citizen and recent widow, called My Plumber
Heating Cooling & Electrical Plus with concerns regarding her home’s
heat. A Heating and Cooling Technician quickly arrived at Mrs. Miller’s
home and found her 15 year-old heating system was in need of many part
replacements. The technician was able to perform some small repairs to
get the system working again, but he did not know how long the temporary
fix would last. He provided a list of options to Mrs. Miller and suggested
a visit with a Comfort Care Consultant to talk about replacing the HVAC system.

When Comfort Care Consultant Bill Bishop arrived at Mrs. Miller’s home,
he found a bundled up older woman keeping a small space heater nearby
for warmth. Bill sat and talked with her about her options and pricing
for a new furnace. After some discussion with Mrs. Miller, Bill knew the
recent widow was in need of help. He stepped out to place a brief phone
call, returning to tell Mrs. Miller, “All of us need help at some
point in our lives. You should expect a call from James at My Plumber
Heating Cooling & Electrical soon.”

Mrs. Miller received that phone call from James, the call that brought
the news that My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical, with the support
of Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, would be installing a new furnace
as a gift from Bill. Mrs. Miller, overwhelmed by the generous offer, thanked
James and asked to speak with Bill, but James regretfully informed Mrs.
Miller that Bill had recently passed away.

“Giving Mrs. Miller a new furnace was more than just heating her
home. It was warming her heart after the loss of her husband and the troubles
she was facing in her life. Bill’s request to gift Mrs. Miller a
new furnace had to be fulfilled. Bill was an outstanding team member,
who brought joy to the company and to our customers,” said James
Jett, a Sales Manager at My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical.

On November 7th, a team from My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical
installed the new Bryant furnace in Mrs. Miller’s home in loving
memory of Bill Bishop. “I am so glad Bill came to my home and saw
my need. He was so kind and understanding. He is a godsend and I know
my husband and Bill are looking out for me,” said Mrs. Miller.

This story is just one of many examples of how the employees of My Plumber
Heating Cooling & Electrical are always looking out for the community
and giving back from the heart. For more, visit our website at or our Facebook page at

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