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Nest Programmable Thermostat Makes the Best Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Are you a last minute shopper? I’m a last minute shopper. Call me crazy, but I love the crowds, the excitement as it buzzes in the air. Sure, I could save myself a little time, and more than a little hassle, but I just can’t help myself. Every year, I wait until the week before Christmas to begin my shopping, and this year has been no different.

I went out last Tuesday. Got books and toys for the kids in the family; a new bench for Mom’s garden; tickets to Matilda on Broadway for Cousin Jill (Shh, don’t spoil the surprise. She’s going to be so excited.); and best of all — a Nest programmable thermostat for myself.

What is Nest?

Nest is the next big thing in home heating and cooling: It’s a thermostat you can control from anywhere, but it’s more than that. It wants to get to know you and your home; it wants to help you save energy… and money. It knows when you are sleeping; it knows when you’re awake. Santa Claus? Nope, just Nest.

Nest is the next-generation thermostat.

Have you ever left the house only to realize later that you forgot to readjust the thermostat? I have. All I’ll think about the rest of the day is how warm and cozy my furniture must be, and how high my energy bill will rise this month. But Nest eliminates that worry.

I’ll take 30 minutes from my busy schedule, and install Nest. As soon as it’s snug on the wall, this next-generation thermostat will start gathering data: The temperatures you like; the schedule you keep. Hey, it practically programs itself.

And on those days when you’re rushing out the door, only to realize — halfway to work — that you forgot to check the thermostat, remember one thing. Nest knows when your home is empty, and will automatically adjust to an energy efficient temperature, thanks to its nifty Auto-Away feature.

Nest will guide you in the right direction.

An old, mercury-based thermostat can increase your HVAC bill by as much as 20 percent. Think of all you could do with that extra $20 or $40 in your pocket. But when you heat your home with Nest, the Nest Leaf™ is standing by to guide you in the direction of green living. An adjustment of just one degree can cut your energy use by as much as five percent.

Nest stays in touch.

After a long drive home from Nana’s, I sure don’t want to walk back into a cold house, and with Nest, I don’t have to. The Nest app lets you change the temperature of your home with a simple tap, even when you’re miles from home. (It’s available for Apple and Android devices.)

And not only that, but Nest will send you a monthly Energy Report that contains a summary of energy used, and tips and tricks to save. I’ve got mine. Get yours wherever Nest thermostats are sold.

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