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Plumbing Problems in Older Homes

While older homes are typically cherished for their quaint charm, they may come with some hefty plumbing concerns. If you’re worried about what nightmares behind your fancy crown molding, read on:

1. Corrosion of Old Fixtures

Nothing lasts forever, and that’s especially true with your home’s plumbing fixtures. Older homes typically have metal supply lines and fixtures that are near the end of their lifespan and are prone to corrosion. Not only is this unattractive when it comes to reselling your home, but corroded plumbing can cause some hefty plumbing emergencies. Instead of worrying about the repair bill, consider proactively replacing old, corroded fixtures.

2. Clogging

If your home has been around for nearly half a century, almost nothing can be done to prevent clogs from forming. Your pipes have likely seen a lot of sewage and soap scum action over the course of their lifetime. This is unavoidable, seeing that we use our kitchen and bathroom fixtures on a daily basis. If you notice your drains clogging with gunk (yuck!), it may be time to reach out to your plumber to update your plumbing.

3. Original Fixture Wear

From twisting, pulling and pushing: your fixtures have likely survived generations of wear and tear. Faucets, handles, and valves leak as they age, leading to skyrocketing water bills and water damage.

4. Tree Root Intrusion

The only thing older than your home may be the trees growing on your property. In this case, old tree roots may have worked their way into your sewer line, causing the possibility of major damage. It’s important to know that only the most experienced technicians know how to properly locate and examine your sewer line. If you haven’t had a routine inspection on your sewer line yet, you may want to consider placing a call to your plumber today.

5. Pipe Bellies

The pipes installed underneath your home can shift or move from the gradual movement of your home. If pipes shift downward, they can create a slope or “belly” which restricts the flow of water underground. This cut in the water supply can cause pools that may accumulate waste and sediment. If left unattended, pipe bellies can cause major leaks or stoppages over time.

Ask a Professional

Whether you’re planning on selling your old home or turning it into the newly renovated home of your dreams, contact our plumbing pros at My Plumber to handle all of your old plumbing repairs. We’ll inspect your house and give you an estimate on what should be repaired or replaced.

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