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Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather

Fall weather may feel cool and comfortable compared to the heat of the summer months, but there are also problems that can occur if you are not prepared for the change. Some things that you will need to check are clogged gutters, heating unit functionality, and drafts as well. Some of these may be difficult for you to accomplish on your own, so calling a professional to help is a great idea and will guarantee the job is done right.

What Needs to Be Maintained For Fall:

Gutters and Downspouts

You will need to clean out your gutters and downspouts. If they are not cleaned, they can begin sagging, plants will start taking root in your gutters and downspouts, and water will start leaking over the side and could cause roof damage. If the water pours over the side, it can cause leaks in your basement or damage to the foundation of your house.

Heating System

To maintain your heating system you will need to maintain your heating vents by making sure they are not blocked by any furniture and keeping them regularly dusted. Maintaining your filters helps your system run more efficiently. Making an appointment for a system check-up also helps keep your system up and running problem-free. A check-up will help you make sure everything is running as it should and will give you peace of mind that your system can perform well with no problems.

Draft Protection

If you have drafts in your home, it will cost you energy because the warm air in your home will escape through these drafts as the cold air comes in, causing you to use your heater more. First, you will need to find where the air is coming in. The air could be coming in at windows, doors, electrical outlets, attic, or large gaps. For some of these areas weather-stripping will work to fix the issue. For your attic, you will need to have insulation put in. For large gaps in older homes, use a sealant to seal the gaps.

Preparing for fall weather will be very beneficial in the long run. Checking these areas and calling My Plumber today can prepare you for the cooler weather to come. So call My Plumber and have one of their professionals come and help give you peace of mind knowing you are ready for the cooler weather to come this fall.

Misc. Items

Ensure your yard is ready for the cold weather. Ensure your trees bushes and plants are protected and hire a professional hardscaping company if needed. You may want to consider moving outdoor items into storage for the winter. Finally, be sure to winterize your car too! This includes checking the heat, tire pressure and anti-freeze levels.

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