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Six More Weeks!

In a ceremony, ripe with tradition yesterday, Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-forecasting groundhog, saw his shadow and promptly predicted six more weeks of winter. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve had a very mild winter thus far.

It has been mild enough that My Plumber has an overstock of heating systems waiting to be installed. Our parts manager has said that we can’t hold onto them for next year, we have to get them all out of the warehouse to make room for summertime necessities.

My grandmother would say you should never discard something that is still working. But when it comes aging heating and cooling systems, keeping that old clunker is practicing false economy. Older systems waste a lot of energy to keep a home comfortable. You may want to take advantage of My Plumber Heating and Cooling ‘s Free February Furnace offer.

If you buy a new air conditioning system (15 seer or higher) from My Plumber Heating and Cooling, we’ll replace your heating system, on-site, free of charge. The new systems being sold these days were created using technology that was unavailable 15 years ago. The new systems require far less energy to operate at optimum efficiency; less energy means a greener economy and it means less money out of your pocket.

  • You Win – with a totally new system and years of worry-free operation ahead.
  • You Win – with amazing energy savings
  • You Win – with a free heating system

There is nothing we love better than a Win, Win, Win situation. We are sure that you agree. But don’t wait to make a decision on this. We will keep this special running for as long as we have heating systems, available – but it won’t last forever. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

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