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Some Like It Hot!

Have you ever been washing the dishes, running a load of laundry and trying to get your kids to take a bath at the same time? If so, then you have probably experienced ‘Hot Water Fatigue Syndrome”. This occurs when traditional tank water heaters reach capacity. Alternatively, if you have a tankless water heater, you have probably enjoyed instant hot water for a single chore, but when you try and do too many things at once- again Hot Water Fatigue Syndrome occurs. The Eternal Hybrid Water Heater was developed to combat the results of this syndrome.

The Eternal Tankless Water Heater is a new product that was engineered for the way Americans live. Traditional tank water heaters run against the clock. Once the storage is emptied it takes time to recover. However, with traditional tank water heaters, water pressure in the house is not impacted by the number of fixtures running at the same time. A tankless water heater runs against capacity. You can have endless hot water for a limited number of fixtures running at the same time.

With the NEW Eternal Hybrid Water Heater you can enjoy the benefits of a high-efficiency system without sacrificing your need for continuous hot water and adequate water pressure. The New Eternal Hybrid is 98% efficient and is the ONLY gas hybrid water heater listed with Energy Star! The Energy Star label means the Eternal meets and exceeds all green building requirements and qualifies for applicable federal and local tax credits. Additionally, it has a 20 Year No Leaks Warranty and is virtually Maintenance Free! My Plumber Heating and Cooling is proud to offer this advanced engineering to its customers. Call us TODAY to take advantage of this awesome deal.

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