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Sump Pump Problems After Hurricane Sandy

With all of the additional water from Hurricane Sandy, we’ve seen several problems in the last couple of days involving sump pumps and drainage issues.

  • The ¼ horsepower motor burned out as a result of turning on only once in a while, then all of a sudden running continually.
  • The sump pump drain did not discharge water far enough away from the home, so the water seeped back into the pit, causing continuous recirculation.
  • The discharge pipe broke underground.
  • The float switch became stuck causing the pump to remain engaged.

Because sump pumps work on electricity, you may consider purchasing a battery back-up system to protect your home. My Plumber Heating & Cooling services all brands of sump pump and has battery back-up systems in stock.

My Plumber also offers basement waterproofing options and other drainage systems to divert water away from your home. These proactive measures are better than having to rely on a pump to get rid of the water in the first place. We’re open and have several sump pumps and back-up systems available, so give us a call today!

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