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The Top 5 Reasons to Install Whole House Surge Protectors

Virginia is no stranger to storms, and as anyone who has dealt with a power
outage during a severe weather event knows, it isn’t any fun. Fortunately,
there is now a way to protect your electrical system from storms and a
whole host of other blackout-causing events: by installing whole house
surge protectors.

Whole house surge protectors, sometimes referred to colloquially as SPDs,
are devices that are connected to your home’s electrical service box
and located in an easily accessible spot in your house. Unlike point-of-use
surge protectors, which only protect a limited part of your property,
whole house surge protectors are specifically designed to safeguard your
entire property. These devices are extremely useful for keeping your home
safe from power outages, lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers,
short circuits, problems caused by the power company, electromagnetic
pulses, and inductive strikes.

Keep reading to learn the top five reasons to install a whole house surge
protector, and make sure to hire our skilled
Fairfax electricians at My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical for electrical repairs,
lighting upgrades, and more

The Top Five Reasons to Install Whole House Surge Protectors Are:

To Protect Your Technology: From the television to the microwave, most houses today are filled to
the brim with technology While not all of these devices are essential,
there are some you will likely want to protect. For instance, if you do
important work from your home computer, surge protectors can ensure you
don’t lose any data. And if you or a loved one use an electrically
powered medical device, protection from power outages is extremely important.

To Help Your Appliances Work Better: The truth is that most power surges are generated internally, from appliances
you use on a daily basis. While 80% of these power surges are very short
and won’t affect your larger home, over time, they can wear
down your electronics. Installing surge protectors can increase the lifespan
of your electrical devices.

To Safeguard Larger Devices: One power surge in your appliances can travel through a shared circuit,
affecting multiple outlets. By installing layered surge protection, you
will be able to prevent entertainment systems and other devices that use
a lot of power from being harmed.

To Keep Your Whole Electrical System Working: If your breaker stops working during a power outage, it can spell disaster,
as this is the heart of your electrical system. Luckily, when a surge
comes from a home appliance on a dedicated circuit, surge protectors can
send that surge back through the breaker panel, where it is shut down–
thus protecting your entire electrical system.

To Make Your Entire House Safer: Ultimately, whole house surge protection really does make your entire house
safer. Talk to an experienced electrician and find out what your house’s
volt-service is so you can get the perfect surge protector for your home.

Other Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

If lightning, a storm, or another disaster is about to strike your home,
there are several other things you can do for extra protection. Switch
the water off from your water well pump. You will want to have bottled
water before doing this, but it is still safer for your house. You can
also invest in point-of-use surge protectors, and of course,
installing a backup generator is always a great way to protect your electrical system. Otherwise, whole
house surge protectors are probably the way to go!

To learn more about surge protectors, call (844) 294-8999 now, or
contact us and send us a message online.

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