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Three Technologies to Invest In to Improve Your Air Quality

Looking to enjoy cleaner, safer, air throughout your home? Odds are, you
probably haven’t thought about it all that much. Indoor air quality
is something that many homeowners simply don’t think about, and
this leads to things like stale air, concentrations of dust, bacteria
and viruses, mold spores, and even nasty household odors accumulating
as the months or even years go by. As a result, the average home can have
air that’s considerably worse than the air outside—several
times worse.

If you’re looking to improve your indoor air quality, particularly
around now where public health and the spreading of a dangerous virus
are such hot-button issues, then we have some solutions that you may be
interested in. Here are three cutting-edge, effective, and extremely beneficial
technologies you should consider investing in to keep the air in your
home cleaner and safer for you and your loved ones.

UV Air Purifier

A UV air purifier is extremely simple on the surface: it’s a specialized
light designed to blast the air coming through your HVAC system with harsh
radiation. This radiation, known as ultraviolet light, destroys microscopic
living organisms, including mold spores, viruses, and bacteria. The radiation
levels in this light are so harsh that it kills these organisms almost
instantly. However, this radiation is fully-contained within the structure
of your HVAC unit, and doesn’t cause any harm or additional risk
to your home. As a result, you simply enjoy a cleaner, safer home with
fewer potentially harmful contaminants in the air.

Today, there are dozens of different types of air scrubbers out there on
the market. Some are extremely simple, installing easily in just about
any HVAC system. Others are more complex and feature an odor controller
attachment that helps you remove VOCs, household odors, and a number of
other problems that have both biological and non-biological roots. These
systems use only a small amount of additional energy, so they’re
not much of an additional drain on your wallet, and they require very
little maintenance beyond nothing more than a UV lamp change every year or two.

Polarized Air Cleaner

A polarized air cleaner uses a combination of magnetic fields and differing
charges to securely trap and hold all types of debris in specialized additional
air filter. These systems
ionize the air that passes through them, giving the air and the particles in
it a particular charge. From there, the air passes through a filter with
the opposite charge, causing the particles to pull toward and become stuck
to the filter itself.

There are tons of advantages to this. For starters, you’ll see superior
airflow despite immensely improved filtration, meaning no impact to the
overall performance of your HVAC system. However, many of these filters
are actually capable of removing microscopic particulate matter at a better
rate than many hospital-grade air filters. These systems use only a tiny
amount of additional electricity every year, and they only need to have
their filter media replaced every few months to continue to work properly.
If you’re at all concerned about the things that your normal air
filter could very well not be catching, then this is what we like to recommend.

Humidity Controller

Most viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic living organisms all have
one thing in common: they require a source of moisture to survive. Where
does that moisture come from? Damp areas are one thing, but indoor humidity
also can provide life-sustaining water to these smallest of life forms.
During summer months, it’s not uncommon for these things to flourish
as warmer temperatures often bring about higher humidity levels. A dehumidifier
can help you solve this issue and make it considerably harder for microbes
like bacteria and viruses to survive. You don’t want to completely
all humidity from your home, however keep it down around an ideal level of
approximately 20 percent should allow you to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable
home as well as cleaner air.

Interested in installing any of these indoor air quality technologies in
your home?
Dial (844) 294-8999 to speak with the experts at My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical today.

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