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Unclogging a Tub Drain

A slow or clogged tub drain is an annoying household problem. Unlike sinks, where the plumbing is relatively easy to get at and dismantle, bathroom tubs are difficult because lever plugs are cumbersome and the drainpipes are not easily accessed.

The primary cause of a tub drain clog is a combination of hair and soap residue. The hair is the worst offender — anything you can do to keep it out of your drain lines will save you a headache in the future. If you have a plug-style stopper in your drain, you can get a filter insert.

For a quick fix, try unclogging a tub drain by hand. The bulk of the clog is often right behind the drain. A stiff piece of wire may be able to loosen and bring up the clog. If there’s a lot of hair, and other junk, try pouring Drano down the pipe. You can even try a small amount of Nair (hair removal). However, you have to be careful because some chemicals may actually hurt your pipes and harm the environment.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call My Plumber. Unless you are trained on how to use a snake or auger, we do not recommend trying this on your own. Never use an auger through the drain hole, as you can cause serious damage to your tub and pipes. An old fashioned drain, with a rubber stopper, is one thing, but a pop-up plug, or a lever plug assembly, is a fairly complicated mechanism. You don’t want to take it apart, only to discover, that you are unable to put it back together.

Need help unclogging a tub drain? Call My Plumber. With 30 years of experience, and an unbeatable service record, you can’t go wrong with My Plumber. Call today at (844) 294-8999!

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