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You Won’t Believe What They Found In a Toilet!

If it seems as though we’re following a theme here… we are! Now that you know all there is to know about your toilet’s history and its future, My Plumber Heating & Cooling has but a bit more to share about the strange, the fascinating, and the downright scary:

Weirdest Things Ever Found In a Toilet

First things first. It’s important to remember that there are really only three things that should ever go into a toilet. To be sure, you know what we mean by numbers one and two on that list, and the third is paper. Heed this advice, and you’ll — hopefully — never find yourself in the unfortunate predicament some of these homeowners experienced.

How about a Civil War cannon shell?

That’s what one plumber in Mississippi found in a customer’s toilet: A live cannon shell historians ultimately dated back to 1861. Talk about explosive…

Or a set of false teeth?

That one comes straight out of My Plumber Heating & Cooling’s history books. A northern Virginia man called us in a panic; he had dropped (and flushed!) his dentures down the toilet, and was anxious to get them back. We can only hope he didn’t use them again.

There’s a new way to snake a drain…

Never have we been more glad to be a northern Virginia plumber, not an Australian. A man from down under once opened the lid of his toilet to find a nine-foot long carpet python taken up residence in the bowl. It was later determined that the reptile had slithered its way into an exterior drain pipe, around the house, and finally into the toilet to sleep.

Next time, give your puppy a bath in the tub.

Poor puppy. A seven-year-old boy decided to give his six-week-old puppy a bath in the toilet, but accidentally flushed him instead. Luckily, the experienced plumber on call was able to rescue the puppy, and return him safely to his warm, dry home.

Send that pin to a museum!

Most of us think of toilets simple as a receptacle for excrement, but to archaeologists, toilets are a veritable breeding ground for artifacts — for the simple fact that so many people drop so many things, lost forever. Or, in this case, for centuries. French researchers were excited, and shocked to find a hairpin verified as belonging to the 16th century Queen Catherine de Medici while excavating a communal toilet at Fontainbleu Palace near Paris.

Lost something in your northern Virginia toilet? My Plumber Heating & Cooling is standing by to help.

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