Have Your AC System Inspected Before the Dog Days of Summer

Have Your AC System Inspected Before the Dog Days of Summer

In the same way that going too long between oil changes burns a lot of extra gas, going too long between air conditioner maintenance inspections burns a lot of extra electricity– not to mention all the wear and tear on the unit.

Naturally, you plan to get it done, but it’s one of those maintenance tasks that get put off — usually until it’s too late. Suddenly, the dog days of summer are blistering and the inside of your home isn’t the cool oasis you long for. You can call for a technician, but they might be busy servicing everyone else who needs emergency repairs!

Don’t Delay!

Just like putting off an oil change puts you at risk for expensive repairs, waiting to service your AC might mean a blown motor. Since your air conditioning unit might be one of the top five investments you make as a homeowner, HVAC systems are far cheaper to maintain than replace. There are a number of components that a technician will inspect, including: the thermostat, the condenser fan motor, the evaporator and condenser coil, the Freon pressure, the amperage draw, and all wire connections and contactor points. Problems with any one of these could mean a loss of AC.

Now that we’ve scared you with the stuff that could go wrong if you don’t service your AC, how about the benefits?

  1. Peace of mind. Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally blowing an expensive motor.
  2. Efficiency. A clean AC uses far less electricity than a dirty one, and your utility bill will thank you.
  3. Effectiveness. Your house will cool quickly, and stay cool. And I’ll bet you’ll be able to tell the difference before and after!

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