Pro Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

Pro Tips for Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is an unsung hero of the kitchen. It’s not fancy, and nobody admires it, but it does an important job and reduces the amount of waste you send to a landfill. For busy people trying to put together a meal in a hurry and who want cleanup to take as little time as possible, a garbage disposal is a lifesaver.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Although a garbage disposal can last many years, it does take a beating and require repairs from time to time. You can think of it like this: Granny’s car only goes to bridge club and the grocery store, and never goes out in bad weather. No wonder it never breaks down! Phil’s work truck hauls firewood, pulls out rocks, and sees the worst roads Virginia has to offer. No wonder it needs the odd repair. Your garbage disposal is a workhorse, and does a tough job. By comparison, your toaster oven has it easy.

5 Items That Should Never Go In Your Garbage Disposal

Still, you have to treat your workhouse right. There are some things that are pretty much guaranteed to cause problems in a garbage disposal unit.

  • Grease. Grease is a killer, not just of garbage disposal units, but of entire plumbing systems. It coats the insides of the pipes and slowly chokes the flow.
  • Hot water. Even if you’re not pouring unadulterated grease down the drain, chances are that your food is a little oily. But if the oil sticks to the food particles, it won’t be a problem. If you use hot water, though, you’ll liquefy the oil, which will spin away from the food and cling to the sides of the pipes. So, always use cold water in your garbage disposal.
  • Large bones. Sure, the grind is good, but it’s not that good! Large animal bones will block the grinder, can burn out the motor, and are extremely difficult to remove. I’m sorry, those pork ribs will have to go in the garbage.
  • Foods that expand. You know how things like pasta, rice, and barley double in size when you cook them? Now imagine them in a moist place with very little room to expand. Sounds like a recipe for a clog, doesn’t it? That’s why these items shouldn’t go in your garbage disposal.
  • Potato peels. You wouldn’t think potato peels would be a problem, but they are. When potatoes get ground up, they form a sticky paste, and cause the same problems pasta does.

If you avoid putting these items in your garbage disposal, you’ll avoid many of the issues that cause people to call the plumber. But if you do run into problems, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. My Plumber is here to help.