Signs You May Have a Clogged Sewer Line

Signs You May Have a Clogged Sewer Line

If you suspect you may have a clogged sewer drain this is a very serious problem. A clogged sewer drain is considered to be a plumbing emergency. If you suspect that you have a clogged sewer drain you should not run any water in your home and you should call your local plumber immediately. If you know what you are looking for, it is very easy to spot the signs of a clogged sewer line.

What Is a Sewer Drain?

The sewer pipe is usually connected in a straight line and connects to the toilet. A sewer line is about three to four inches wide. The sewer drain is the only pipe leaving your residence.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Drain

  • The first sign is of a clogged sewer line is usually an overflowing toilet. However, an overflowing toilet is not always caused by a clogged sewer line; it can also be caused by a clogged toilet.
  • You will need to see if anything else in your house is backed up. This will help you determine if it is just a clogged toilet instead of the sewer line. Sewer water will back up to the lowest point, so check the basement first, then move onto the bathtub, shower, and toilet.
  • The next things you will need to look for when you suspect a sewer drain clog are any unusual reactions when using plumbing fixtures. If flushing the toilet results in water backing up or coming up into the tub or shower, this is usually a clear sign of a sewer drain clog.
  • Another strange reaction to look for is trapped air in the plumbing system. A clogged sewer main can cause the water draining out of the washing machine to cause the toilet to overflow or backup into the tub or shower. If the toilets in your home are working without a problem, this could also mean a problem with your washing machine or bathtub.

As soon as you recognize you have a clogged sewer drain you need to call an experienced Northern VA plumber immediately. You also need to stop running any water in your home until the sewer drain is fixed. If you continue to run water after you find that your sewer drain is clogged, the water that overflows could be contaminated. If the water is contaminated it can contain dangerous pathogens, and can cause dangerous molds to be harbored in your walls and floor.

If you think your sewer drain may be clogged, stop all water from running in your house then call My Plumber today. Our trained techs at My Plumber can help fix your sewer line as well as any other plumbing needs. Do not wait for the problem to get worse and cause serious damage. If your sewer drain is clogged and you do not stop running water and call your plumber, you can cause your home to be unsafe to live in.