How to Fix a Leak Under the Sink

How to Fix a Leak Under the Sink

Leaks under the sink are no fun. They can cause a lot of damage. However, they are usually easy to fix. There are many different leaks you could have, from water-supply leaks to drain leaks. These leaks can be easy enough for you to repair yourself, or they could be more complicated and require the help of a professional.

Identifying the Cause of a Sink Leak

If you find that the floor in front of your sink is wet or that the cabinet is wet, chances are you have a leak. If you suspect you have a leak, grab a flashlight and use it to look under your sink. Some leaks are easy to see and find, others require filling the sink and letting the water sit.

Types Of Sink Leaks

  • Water-Supply Leaks: A common source for leaks is the shut-off valves. These are a common place for drips because the compression fittings become loose and are not as tight as they should be. Some of these could be hard to fix because of their location.
  • Drain Leaks: These leaks can be the result of loose connections, corrosion, or a blockage. Some of these are very easy to fix, such as tightening compression nuts on plastic P-traps by hand. Metal traps could be more of a problem if they become corroded. If they are corroded you will need to replace the trap.
  • Other Leaks: Not all leaks are easy to detect. A sink drain leak can be hard to find because they only leak if the sink is full of water. Faucet leaks can be troublesome as well if the water is draining down the back of the faucet, causing it to drain underneath the sink. To fix a faucet you may have to disassemble and replace one or two gaskets or washers.

Most sink leaks are easy enough for you to find and fix yourself without help. However, if you are unfamiliar with your sink or the pipes under it, it is best to call for professional help. If you need help, call My Plumber today. Our Fairfax leak detection professionals can help with any leak your sink may have. Our techs can also help with any of your other plumbing needs, no matter how big or small.

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