Seven Tips to Protect Your Home from the Coronavirus Threat

Seven Tips to Protect Your Home from the Coronavirus Threat

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has led to millions of people being told to shelter in place in their homes and avoid going into public as long as possible. However, is your home truly prepared for what could be a fairly long period of extended use? Are you truly as safe at home as you should be during this time? In this blog, our crew will discuss seven tips you should follow to help you better prepare for the Coronavirus threat and how you can make life at home better and more enjoyable.

Plumbing Preparations

Consider Investing in a Bidet or Sprayer

One of the things that have been downright crazy to watch is the insane panic that this pandemic has caused when it comes to buying household goods, and perhaps the craziest of all has been toilet paper. Stores of all shapes and sizes everywhere are sold out of the stuff, and many are quickly selling out again as soon as they manage to re-stock. That means there’s a good chance you may run out of the stuff at some point, so it’s important to have a plan for what will happen if you do.

Don’t start flushing paper towels down the toilet—that will only lead to nasty clogs. However, purchasing a bidet attachment or sprayer for your toilet can help you clean your backside with the natural power of water. It’s safer for your plumbing, eco-friendly, and severely limits the need for toilet paper, potentially even eliminating it altogether.

Have Your Water Heater Maintained

The last thing you want to deal with when sheltering in place is a hot water supply that gives out on you. Water heater maintenance can help you avoid that. Maintenance includes draining and flushing your tank to remove built-up sediment, and also includes inspecting your tank for signs of wear and tear. This helps you avoid costly energy bills and could even help you avoid a disastrous emergency water heater replacement. When cleanliness is so important, you can’t afford to go without your water heater for even a single day—a proper maintenance and tune-up service can help you avoid that.

Don’t Ignore Water Treatment

Water bottles are becoming harder and harder to find with the panic-buying trend, and many grocery stores have seen their supplies dwindle away almost as quickly as toilet paper and hand soap. At this point, investing in a water treatment system may prove to be lucrative. A whole-home water treatment system gives you clean, safe, and great-tasting water from every tap in your home, while a smaller reverse-osmosis system gives you pure drinking water from a small tap on your kitchen or utility sink. In either case, these systems are far more affordable than you may have imagined, and a professional can take care of your installation needs in around a day in most cases.

Heating & Air Conditioning Preparations

Maintain Your Air Conditioner to Prepare for Warm Weather

Warm weather is coming everywhere, so it’s time to start preparing your air conditioner. A well-maintained and tuned-up air conditioner is one that is more energy-efficient, reliable, safer, and better at helping you clean the air and enjoy a more comfortable home. We encourage you to schedule a tune-up service now, before the heat really starts to turn up for the late spring and summer, and get your air conditioning system prepared for the long months ahead. We also encourage you to use this opportunity to purchase new air filters and stock up on them so you can have them ready when the time comes to replace your filter. For the average home, you should be replacing your air filter every three to four months, but some homes may need it more often than that.

Scrub the Air with an Air Scrubber

UV germicidal air scrubbers are lights that blast the air coming through your HVAC system’s return vent with harsh ultraviolet light. Why would you want to do this? Because microbial organisms, like germs, bacteria, viruses, and even mold spores can’t live with too much of this radiation. These lights scramble the DNA of these microscopic life forms, rendering them inert and making them essentially harmless and incapable of reproducing. They can even kill the pathogens outright with a long enough exposure.

However, these lamps are not a be-all, end-all protection against airborne diseases and illnesses. Most of these lights can only successfully sterilize about 60% of viruses and bacteria at the most that pass through them. High-output lights are better in this way, but there is no substitute for doing your due diligence, cleaning the surfaces in your home, and regularly changing your air filter in addition to using one of these lights to ensure better-quality air. Cleaning your home regularly also helps improve indoor air quality substantially.

Electrical System Preparations

Install Whole-Home Surge Protection

With more and more people spending time at home, your electrical system is likely going to see increased usage demands. Increased power drain could lead to a power surge, and power surges can cause a truly immense amount of damage to your home in an extremely short amount of time. Whole-home surge protection is designed to prevent that from happening, keeping your home safe, your most important electronics protected, and even preventing serious component damage.

Protect Your Family with Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide are both silent threats that could cause serious health problems or even be fatal for your family. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can both be purchased from home improvement stores for fairly low prices, but the best detectors are the ones that a professional can install for you. A professional smoke detector is wired directly into your house so it will run reliably for years, but still has a battery backup to help in the event of a power outage. These are by far the best solution to keeping your home and your family protected from these unseen threats throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

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