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In order for electricity to safely flow through your home, it needs to be distributed and regulated. This is done at an electrical fuse panel or circuit breaker. These devices not only ensure that electricity is properly distributed throughout your home, but that each individual area doesn’t become overloaded with current demands, thus risking sparking, overheating, or fire in your home. Because these devices are so important to your home’s electrical safety, it’s crucial that they are repaired, maintained, or replaced by qualified and experienced Manassas electricians.

At My Plumber Heating and Cooling, our team of highly-trained electrical experts have all received extensive training in circuit breakers and electrical fuse panels, and can provide you with accurate, trustworthy, and reliable diagnoses and care services. Whether you simply have a breaker switch that has worn out or you need a full panel overhaul and upgrade to modern technology, our team is fully-capable of completing the job to protect your home. We understand how critically important these panels are, and we make sure that all our installations and replacements adhere to all applicable building codes for maximum safety and durability. We can even replace old, outdated fuse box panels with new, state-of-the-art circuit breakers so you never have to worry about finding and replacing an old, burned out fuse ever again!

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Should You Repair or Replace?

Just because something has gone wrong in your circuit breaker doesn’t mean that the whole thing needs to be replaced. In fact, the entire purpose of your circuit breaker is to trip and shut off in order to avoid electrical hazards and stop fires from starting. Whether you need your system repaired or completely replaced outright, our electricians have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you choose the best option for your home to encourage a health electrical system.

We offer the following circuit breaker and electrical panel services:

  • Full inspections and problem diagnosis
  • Breaker replacement
  • Full panel replacement
  • Electrical remodeling
  • Modernization & retrofitting for code purposes

Sometimes a panel that keeps shutting off isn’t a problem with your panel at all, but with something plugged in somewhere in your home causing an issue like a short or an overload. Only a highly-trained electrician can help you reliably and quickly track down the source of the issue so that you can get the proper repairs that will resolve the issue.

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