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Did you know that there are new water heater regulations which may affect your ability to safely use your equipment? You should! Water heaters are among the most essential appliances for total home comfort. Just think about how unpleasant your shower would be every morning without your water heater. That’s why My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical is here to provide Manassas water heater services, including installations, repairs, and replacements. Whether your water heater is about to die or you’re just ready for an energy-efficient upgrade, our technicians have got you covered.

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How Do I Know When My Water Heater Requires a Repair?

There is no one surefire sign your water heater requires repair or maintenance work. In fact, because it’s an appliance you probably don’t even think about most days, it can be hard to spot the signs something is wrong before it’s too late. However, it is worth knowing what to watch out for, lest you end up having to unnecessarily replace a water because you waited too long to have it serviced.

Common signs you should call a technician to have your water heater repaired include:

  • A lack of hot water
  • Rumbling or creaking noises
  • Your water looks cloudy
  • Your pressure relief valve is leaky or faulty
  • The tank is leaking

How Do I Know Which Water Heater Is Right for Me?

When it comes to installing a new water heater, there are two options you need to consider: traditional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Classic tank water heaters store hot water as needed, which is why you sometimes have to wait for hot water access while using them. Tankless water heaters require a natural gas line to run, however, they present a major advantage in that they heat water on-demand—i.e. no more cold showers!

A few things to consider when deciding between a traditional tank and tankless water heater are:

  • Overall Savings: As energy costs continue to rise in Manassas and around the country, tankless systems are steadily growing in popularity. It’s not uncommon for the average family to spend hundreds of dollars a month on gas for their cars, which is to say nothing of gas and electricity expenses within the home. Tankless water heaters present an attractive alternative to rising energy rates, as they’re not forced to keep 50-100 gallons of water hot at one time. In fact, the annual savings with a tankless water heater often total $100 or more annually for large families.
  • Installation Costs: While tankless water heaters frequently save money overtime, it is worth mentioning that they are much more expensive to install. Ultimately, for many homeowners, the choice between tank and tankless water heaters comes down to long-term energy efficiency and costly upfront installation.
  • More Hot Water: Traditional, 75-gallon tank water heaters tend to run out of hot water pretty quickly, despite their size. Consider: anytime two people in your home are using different showers at once. That’s why for those with large families, or who just put a premium on the comfort of warm water, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the endless hot water supply provided by tankless heaters.

What Is the Appropriate Sizing for Water Heater Replacement?

Figuring out the appropriate size for your replacement water heater has a lot to do with the size of your home overall, as well as how many people are living there. For instance, if it’s just you and one other person, you probably can get by with a smaller unit—one that only holds 30-40 gallons. For families of 4 or more, however, you will want to consider a 40-50 gallon tank, while families of 5+ should consider going with a 50-80 gallon model (assuming everyone bathes regularly, that is!) The storage area and general location where the water heater will go also plays a big role in what type to purchase.

Ultimately, the best thing to do when considering a new water heater is simply to consult with our professional Manassas plumbers. We can install, repair, and replace a range of equipment, and also provide annual tune-ups to keep your appliances running smoothly year-round! For same day appointments, financing options, and exceptional warranties, contact My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical, and find out what quality water heater service can do for you.

To schedule an appointment in Manassas or across Northern Virginia, dial (844) 294-8999 now, or contact us online. And don’t forget to ask about our water heater safety check coupon!

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