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John Gray
John Gray 2.0

I used this company because they had a $50 deal on inspecting your plumbing as a promo. I knew my house needed to be reviewed because I haven’t upgraded anything since moving in over 6 years ago. The plumbing professional was good and repaired my ...shower pressure and replaced some hoses for my washer. The problem is how they price this service which literally took 15 minutes and cost my over $325 for the service, are you kidding me?! To get anything done that they recommend from the inspection you have to spend $275 additional money....they had me in a position where I didn’t want to refuse recommended service and the convenience of the plumber being there in the moment was nice but not for $325! I don’t understand why you’d take a new customer to the cleaners with your pricing when I’d definitely use the company again if the prices were reasonable. The promo was also pretty deceiving, seemed like a good price then you just crush the customer when you need to get something repaired or replaced.Read More...

Jacika Lauri
Jacika Lauri 5.0

Larry was quick to respond with a very reasonable price to come out the next day and replaced my water heater.

dd3864 5.0

Did a great job replacing recirculating pump on my old boiler\ baseboard style heating system. Very professional and neat. Will definitely call for any future service.

Michael Fessler
Michael Fessler 5.0

Issa was very helpful and walked us through all options. Completes the work quickly and without issue.

Cynthia Polansky
Cynthia Polansky 1.0

Think twice about using this company. When I called last evening to request a service call for a clogged kitchen sink in Annapolis, I was given a time frame of 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The technician (a very nice man who was surprised to learn that we ...had been told to expect him as early as 7:30 a.m., since his day didn't start until 11:00 a.m.) didn't show up until 3:30 p.m.. They also claimed they tried to call us at 9:45 a.m., but none of our phones showed any incoming attempted call from My Plumber. Indeed, no call had come in at all at that time. When the technician finally arrived, his estimate for snaking the clog in the plumbing line was $550. To unclog a sink line? No, thank you! Customer service had guesstimated a snaking job at $1-200, with the caveat that he wasn't a plumber. We paid the diagnostic fee and thanked him for his trouble. On the plus side, customer service and the technician were very pleasant to deal with. The company itself is a rip off and unreliable.Read More...

Anthony Monastiriotis
Anthony Monastiriotis 1.0

Arrived three and a half hours late. Charged me $900 or two parts that were a total net worth of $45. Basically changed a shower handle and a faucet and where bojangling for about 4 hours. Will never use them ever again and I will always give them a bad ...review. At all costs avoid this company. They literally charged me $284 for a $15 faucet from Home Depot. Not sure if I can respond to that. You were scheduled between 7-12. And didn't arrive until 3:15. Everything else is aboveRead More...

Akira aliya
Akira aliya 5.0

Chris gave me an honest estimate just by me giving some specifics of what I needed done. I've contacted 2 other plumbers neither of which have returned my call. I hope I can actually give him a shot at doing some work for me based on the good reviews ...he has had.Thanks!Read More...

Jac S
Jac S 1.0

The technician never showed up for the window of time my service was scheduled for; no one called me to advise on the status and when I called, I was told the technician was running 2 hours late. When I asked if they had a tech that was available, I was ...told NO. Two hours later (note: well after the designated timeframe); a tech showed up, who advised he just received the order to come to my home. There is no excuse for poor customer service! The system would not allow a post without a star being highlight, but this service doesn't deserve any stars.Read More...

Claire Kim
Claire Kim 1.0

They were very kind and polite but not responsible from damages that the made after work. They said it’s not their responsibility even they damaged all the light in my landscape(all connected) and said it costs almost $700 extra if it is needs to be ...fixed. Thank you for all your work but your business are not doing right way. I never use my plumber anymore!Read More...

Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin 5.0

Zam did an awesome job! Highly recommend this company.

Robert Felder
Robert Felder 5.0

Sheri Decasper
Sheri Decasper 5.0

I have used this company for many years and it's the first company I turn to. Wayne replaced my well pump, it was done quickly. I always appreciate the techs knowledge of what they are doing.

William Wagner
William Wagner 5.0

John Thomas did an outstanding job replacing a broken and corroded garbage disposal. He was very courteous and went above and beyond fixing some wiring issues. He also adhered to good COVID safety protocols with a mask and gloves. Would highly recommend!

Caren Walker
Caren Walker 5.0

Margaret Plenty
Margaret Plenty 5.0

The technician's name was ISSA, he arrived in the time window with face mask and footies to keep the house safe. He was happy to fix my (garbage disposer) for a decent price, such a help. He also showed other options that are offered to keep our home ...safe. He was confident of the (MY PLUMBER) Priority Club Service, and allowed me to consider the product, without making me think he was "hard-selling". It sounds like a preventative package that could be helpful. Thank You.Read More...

Tony Martin
Tony Martin 5.0

Jamila Clarke
Jamila Clarke 5.0

I scheduled an annual evaluation of my plumbing and the technician recommended installing a water filtration system. After doing some research and obtaining quotes, I called My Plumber again to answer some additional questions. Issa arrived and after ...we chatted for 5 min, I was convinced that I needed him to install the system immediately & the job took less than 20 min. Issa and his supervisor Sylvia were fantastic to work with and I'm ecstatic that my water supply will be safe for my family.Read More...

The Horkster
The Horkster 5.0

I had a leaky underground well pipe that bubbling up through my driveway. I had it repaired by another company 3 years ago, but it was leaking again. Troy came out and gave me a fair estimate, and then the team of Jarrid, Curtis, and Carl came out and ...replaced the entire line for me. They did a great job, and I am very pleased. Now I have some peace of mind that I won't have another leak in 3 years! Thanks!Read More...

Alison Williams
Alison Williams 5.0

Nick Swinsky was our technician. He was very knowledgeable, polite, professional, and quick. He knew exactly what to do, and didn't waste time. We appreciated his service.

John Wesley
John Wesley 5.0

Veronica Lowe
Veronica Lowe 5.0

Craig Walker
Craig Walker 5.0

Did a great job everything was done Wright thanks great job

J Cook
J Cook 1.0

To be clear, I TRIED to use this business. This is my personal experience with this vendor. I cannot vouch for their expertise, because they just never showed up. My appointment with MyPlumber Heating and Air for a routine A/C service check was ...scheduled for this "a.m." - 0900-1200. At 1230, no show, and no call. I called twice, but gave up on the interminable hold. I "chatted" with their live agent via their website, who promised a call back "as soon as they were able". 3 hours later, still no call. I decided to respond to the appointment email, expressing my displeasure with their disregard for customer service, and within 30 seconds, received a call! Wow! Yea, maybe not so Wow... All they asked was if I wanted to cancel my appointment. I won't be considering them in the future. My experience only. Your's to consider.Read More...

Matt Hildebrandt
Matt Hildebrandt 1.0

Set up an appointment to have our air ducts cleaned. Was told we would receive a call in the morning (appointment was at noon). At 12:30 after no call and no technician I called to see what was going on. After 20 minutes on hold was told they were ...running late and would show up eventually. Called back at 3, still after no word and cancelled. They couldn't care less. Will contact another company that actually wants our business. Very disappointed.Read More...

Leanne Fisher
Leanne Fisher 5.0

Jeffery was extremely professional and personable. He responded quickly and explained everything to me before hand and has he went.

Mister P.
Mister P. 5.0

Susan 5.0

Issa has been my "go to" guy at My Plumber! He's replaced my toilet in 2019 and just replaced my garbage disposal. I specifically requested Issa when I called to get the garbage disposal serviced. I would recommend My Plumber in general! Fast, ...professional, and competitively priced.Read More...

Barbara Greenwald
Barbara Greenwald 5.0

Replaced sump pump in an inch of water. Came out in 45 minutes and got it running again.

Alec Wyhs
Alec Wyhs 5.0

David Juare
David Juare 5.0

good work new what he Kenny Washington, was doing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Quinton Waldon
Quinton Waldon 1.0

Buyer Beware!!! I had a horrible experience recently with My Plumber Plus. To start, the appointment setter was unprofessional and called my house asking for the wrong person and then called back immediately to schedule an appointment for the wrong ...service. The appointment was set for noon, the next day, but at 7:30a the next morning, the company called and said they were on their way to my house. I told them that was not the agreed upon time, so they said they would come at 10a, then they said 1:00p, but actually came at 1:30p. Nevertheless, my wife welcomed in the electrician into our home, and he said that we needed to replace our entire system, even though the house is not even 5 years old. After he "fixed" the problem, he charged a higher amount, and said it was a "discount" even when he caused the power to go out on the other side of the house. He left my wife with the power not working. When I called in to complain, the office said that he did not do any work, but we were charged $200.00 for a diagnostic and to replace 1 circuit breaker and still did not have power in the whole house. The receptionist was rude and refused to get a manager when requested and was adamant I was wrong. I never got a receipt for the initial visit and had to remind My Plumber Plus that I only used them based on their recommendation from NBC4 and that it would be a shame to call them back to tell them what poor service we received. I truly believe this is the most unprofessional company in this line of business who have no integrity and will steal from innocent people who sincerely need help...even in a pandemic. I would not recommend this company for anyone, and the level is service is deplorable!!! We felt like victims and still never got a receipt from the 2 visits...and it's just NOT ok!!! Companies have no right to treat consumers this way and if they are not going to conduct business professionally, they should NOT be in business at all. I will make it my business to tell everyone I know to NEVER use this company...EVER!!!Read More...

charlene white
charlene white 5.0

Robert 5.0

John Thomas is the man. Informational, respectful and truly friendly.

Rufus Cannon
Rufus Cannon 4.0

Price Higher than expected but TradeOff was a job Well Done ... Plumber was prompt and Friendly ...

Felix Rivera
Felix Rivera 5.0

Nick Swinsky was a quality technician whos service we appreciated and gave the company a good name.

Ayumas Manik
Ayumas Manik 5.0

Lynda Harding
Lynda Harding 5.0

I have been using MY PLUMBER for all of my plumbing needs since the 1980's and have never been disappointed in the quality of their products and most of all never with the quality of their service. The technicians have always been exceptional with their ...work and their presentation.....they are courteous and very clear in their explanations of how they will proceed with the work. They are never rushed and genuinely care about the time spent during their stay. Adam was no exception and I look forward to using your services in the future.Read More...

PG Danny
PG Danny 5.0

It’s one of the hottest days of the year. AC unit was not working. Mr. Moss came by and was punctual , informative , and very knowledgeable about the job. Highly recommended.

Al Hunt
Al Hunt 5.0

Deverakonda Shastri
Deverakonda Shastri 5.0

Oscar did an excellent job. He was very courteous and very professional in his work

Meredith Chiapello
Meredith Chiapello 5.0

David Mills
David Mills 1.0

Customer service rep Jennifer was rude and shocked I thought their company should give customers a courtesy call if they were going to be over 2 hours late for the 4 hour time window they gave.

James Peyton
James Peyton 1.0

Plumber came to my house to check on leaking toilet. He spent a few minutes looking and determined that the bowl was cracked and that I needed to replace toilet and gave me a $1,200 estimate. Told me that if I bought my own toilet, call him directly ...and he would install for $500. Bottom line is that I replaced 2 toilet bolts myself and repaired it for less than 10.00. RIP off, I can't say. But seniors need to be careful who they hire. Never again for me.Read More...

Barbara Harders
Barbara Harders 5.0

They were quick to respond to our need and very professional. A little on the pricey side but in an emergency they are the best. I would use them again.

Lesa,nia Jefferson,wilsn
Lesa,nia Jefferson,wilsn 5.0

Simei was great!!

Lorri Harris
Lorri Harris 1.0

They came out and tried to charge us 900 dollars just to snake a toilet. Then it went to 650 and then he said 500, sounds like a dishonest company and I will be in contact with the better business bureau! Even 500 is too much, shame on you for trying to ...take advantage of my elderly parents!!!Read More...

Karl Davis
Karl Davis 5.0

Joi Morris
Joi Morris 5.0

Wonderful experience. The Representative was informative, honest and very professional. I will use this service again.

Trever Papavasiliou
Trever Papavasiliou 5.0

Kathie Lee
Kathie Lee 5.0

The technician/plumber was awesome. Great work! The dispatcher/communicator/whatever needs to be better instead of wasting my time.

Phil Russell
Phil Russell 4.0

Lisa Jarrett
Lisa Jarrett 5.0

Very professional Will use them again 👍🏼👏🏼

Teresa Anderson
Teresa Anderson 5.0

Khyber Yousuf
Khyber Yousuf 1.0

scheduled an appointment with the technician to just unclog my kitchen sink drain. Paid $555 for snaking the the kitchen drain on Tuesday. The camera guy showed up on Thursday the same week and he did his thing. He did not run the water sink before he ...left which caused clogging. Called the customer service desk and they told me since the drain was recently unclogged the technician will show up to unclog it free of charge. The sink started to clog back on the same day, less than 24 hours. The follow up appointment was scheduled on Friday at noon. Before the technician arrived he called and said that he and his camera guy did their job and I had to pay $555 again for their service. He stated that he came and did his job and the camera guy recommended the Hydro jetting for $1570.00 dollars before they could warranty the work. All I am saying if the technician had done a good job there was no way the clogging could have started again that soon. Very poor job was done. All the loose grease and other stuff other than pipe build up should have been cleaned on Tuesday.Read More...

Ms Queen B
Ms Queen B 5.0

SB 5.0

Richard and Jeff tackled an old problem with an outdoor spigot and fixed it with a great deal of creativity, hard work, and a pretty ingenious solution. Not only did they solve it they added extra features to further help me out. They also pointed out ...and upgraded old fixtures (probably 30 yrs old) to avoid damage to the spigot they replaced. Just absolutely wonderful work! I'm so grateful.Read More...

Austin Shuff
Austin Shuff 5.0

They (Richard Mapp and Jeff) were amazing they helped me and my elderly mother out with a problem with our hose and spicket. And they replaced a pressure valve inside our house that needed to be done. Amazing and extremely friendly to me my mother and my ...dog. Can’t say enough good things about them!!Read More...

Lisa Carter
Lisa Carter 5.0

Craig Moss was great! I know little to nothing about HVAC systems and Craig took the time to explain everything that he was going to do for my AC tune up & ainspwction. I would definitely recommend him & My Plumber Plus!

Jeff Friaca
Jeff Friaca 5.0

Michael was very helpful and knowledgeable about the HVAC issues and what was required to fix. He was quick and to the point. I had contacted three other companies before calling MyPlumber and none of the others called back. MyPlumber came the next day I ...made the call. Very happy with the response and quality of work.Read More...

Frances Keys
Frances Keys 5.0


Jorge R Perez
Jorge R Perez 5.0

Miguel G. came to my house on Oct. 28, 2015, to do the fall inspection of the heating system. He performed a thorough check of the furnace and humidifier and found everything in order. He gave me a report to that effect. Miguel is a skilled, courteous, ...respectful technician. I appreciate his services.Read More...

Myron Hanke
Myron Hanke 5.0

Excellent technician, arrived early, performed professionally, cleaned up and left us happy.

Mahmoud Zamzam
Mahmoud Zamzam 5.0

c d
c d 5.0

After being over priced for unnecessary charges by other companies in my area, I CALLED MR PLUMBER and the JOB was done quickly and correct, I received a discount because they lowered my price and subtracted the inspection fee from original bill. I will ...be calling them to schedule an evaluation on my HVAC unit. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.Read More...

Jean Boston
Jean Boston 5.0

I desperately wanted same day service on my toilet which would not stop running. I searched toilet repair-same day and was connected to a very helpful scheduler who located a repair man already in my neighborhood who could come as soon as he was finished ...at his current assignment. He was at my house within the hour. He checked out my entire plumbing system and pointed out numerous small leaks due to corrosion which he was able to address. He was able to replace frozen valves and restore function to the toilet in under two hours. I will definitely use My Plumber services from now onRead More...

Javier Mery
Javier Mery 1.0

Just had a technician show up at my home with a bad attitude and poor professional tact. He discussed prices that weren’t previously mentioned, wanting to charge an arm and a leg, and he refused to explain them. He was quick to jump to “it’s the ...job, customer service doesn’t properly represent them”. Awful experience. I do not recommend their services.Read More...

Tmande1 5.0

Everything just great. Adam O’Brien was just great. Love all you plumbers. Adam did great work and super personality.

Candis Johnson
Candis Johnson 5.0

We live in Millersville, Md and my parents had a leak in the basement. They came out the same day for a consultation. My Dad had all of the pipes in the house replaced, a new hot water heater installed, and a new kitchen faucet installed. This job would ...have taken 2 days and they finished in 1 day. That team worked effortlessly from 12 p.m.-9:30 p.m. That was a great, professional, honest, kind, and caring team. There was a lot of construction done and the clean up wad incredible. I would recommend this company to anyone. My family will continue to utilize their services and I am going to advertise for them by word of mouth. Starting here!!! Thank you My Plumber Plus. You have an amazing team. Keep up the great work. God bless you and your businesses success!!!Read More...

Glenn Barker
Glenn Barker 5.0

Outstanding work re-seating four toilets that needed new wax rings and flanges (simple in theory, but hard work in reality). Would recommend them to others.

Norma Schrock
Norma Schrock 5.0

Our technical was great! Giving us some tips and information to help us understand our equipment.

Karl Deiotte
Karl Deiotte 4.0

Mary Weber
Mary Weber 5.0

John Thomas came to help us with our leaking garbage disposal. He was so pleasant, professional, and helpful, explaining what he saw and what all our options were. He replaced the disposal so quickly and even took on an extra thing we needed done ...on-the-spot.Read More...

Ameen Hawrami
Ameen Hawrami 5.0

Rich Bevan
Rich Bevan 5.0

James Lewis
James Lewis 5.0

Shelby Stephens
Shelby Stephens 5.0

I think that they are the best

Dave C
Dave C 4.0

Issa did an excellent job on a fairly significant in-wall pipe repair in our home. In addition to being highly competent, his quality of work was outstanding, meticulously completed, and he conducted himself in a professional manner in every way. ...Needless to say, I won't hesitate to contact MyPlumber for any future plumbing needs.Read More...

DeAnna Sproul
DeAnna Sproul 5.0

I am so thankful I went to My Plumber for my air conditioning system. Matt Brown was my sales manager and he was so professional and courteous. He helped me with financing and they came in and installed my system. The owner of this My Plumber played a ...great role also in helping me. I will always do business with My Plumber. I also got my hot water heater from My Plumber in 2017 and it works great!Read More...

Katie Russell
Katie Russell 5.0

We had a great experience with My Plumber and our service technician, Simei Solano Martinez. Very professional and he did a great job!

m young
m young 5.0


Lincoln Ashe
Lincoln Ashe 5.0

Curtis and very knowledgeable..

Dan Hill
Dan Hill 5.0

Kevin Miles
Kevin Miles 5.0

Lee Mansfield
Lee Mansfield 4.0

My experience with My Plumber was fantastic. I needed a new water heater. Oscar, the My Plumber technician was on time and responsive. He explained my options and was very professional in the performance of his job. Also, the associate that booked the ...appointment was also nice and receptive to my request. Thank you My Plumber.Read More...

Dean Nguyen
Dean Nguyen 5.0

This company is the best. I had used other companies, but none compares. Their employees are trained to be honest and highly skilled.

Xiaoxi Liu
Xiaoxi Liu 5.0

Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen 5.0

Maria Daski
Maria Daski 5.0

We were very pleased with Richard’s professional work and detailed explanation of what options we had available to us. He’s very knowledgeable, thorough and courteous, and he took every safety precaution while he worked in our home for about five ...hours. Everything was cleaned and sanitized after the job was completed. Thank you so much!Read More...

Teresa caple
Teresa caple 5.0

Mr. Boozer
Mr. Boozer 5.0

Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander 5.0

Patrick completed the service quickly and professionally. He explained the work to be performed, answered questions to my satisfaction and brought a serviceable problem to my attention. I was completely happy with his service and professional demeanor.

Susan Chrobot
Susan Chrobot 1.0

I would not ever call My Plumber simply from the obnoxious commercials they play over and over on TV. Here's one customer you will never have.

Russ Holt
Russ Holt 5.0

Montez was friendly and quick

Ronald Brannan
Ronald Brannan 5.0

Paul did an awesome job repairing a leaking valve under the kitchen sink and replacing the kitchen faucet.

Arvel Hall
Arvel Hall 5.0

Di Ashby
Di Ashby 5.0

Ken Kato
Ken Kato 5.0

I am a repeat customer and Priority Club member of My Plumber. This is due to the responsiveness, professionalism, technical competency, quality of work performed by their technicians. My latest experience was with their technician Simei Solano Martinez. ...He arrived just before noon on a Saturday after I had called My Plumber for assistance on a problem with a major toilet in my home. (My Plumber is open 7 days a week, no extra charge on weekends, no charge for house calls if you are Priority Club member). When he arrived, he followed appropriate COVID-19 protocols, put coverings on his shoes, then proceeded to diagnose and fix the problem with the toilet. He also pointed out that the water valve for the toilet had corrosion on it and was hard to turn off. He convinced me that the valve should be replaced too. In doing so, he did not exert any "marketing pressure" on me. He also pointed out a problem a previous My Plumber technician had pointed out to me regarding the very old valves that controlled the water coming into the house. In fact, he could not turn the valves off. I had to call the water company to turn the water off at a valve located in my front yard. Long story short, I elected to have these old valves replaced with new ones. Again, no "marketing pressure." All-in-all, another great experience with My Plumber and one of their technicians!Read More...

George Orrell
George Orrell 4.0

Mark Flores
Mark Flores 5.0

Great work highly recommend!

Chantel Trent
Chantel Trent 5.0

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