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Master Taek Kim
Master Taek Kim 5.0
Jason Calafiore
Jason Calafiore 1.0

I am so disappointed in this company and feel they have lied and ripped me off badly. I had called them to inspect an intermittent issue in January with my downstairs unit of my townhouse. They ended up installing a single furnace (No AC) for $7000 in ...the upstairs attic after they claimed there was cracked heat exchange and were legally forced to turn it off, therefore I had no choice but to get it replaced and no time to look around being in the dead of the winter. The original price of what they offered me was $7800, but they had to change it because the unit wouldn't fit in my attic so they were forced to give me a model they didn't originally offer to me which was a little bit cheaper. Much later I did a lot of research from other competitors and they gave me quotes of $2000-$3000 for much better systems than Bryant like Trane, Lennox, and Carrier. Infact, the whole HVAC system (both AC and furnace) should not cost more than $5000-$6000 according from various trusted HVAC specialists, competitors, and friends. Also I should have ideally gotten both replaced (AC and Furnace) to retain efficiency. They also performed a replacement of capacitor $300 and duct cleaning for $1000, which was also way over-priced after the fact when I did more research Not only do they over price, but they were careless in their work, I had to point out to them that banged floors, walls, and left things wrongly done. Some of which they addressed some of which they didn’t. That too, the new furnace actually failed County Inspection because the gas pipeline was laying directly on top of the heat vent, which is a hazard. They came and fixed it after I told, but that was only the latest of careless items. And they still have yet to follow up on getting the County to reinspect. The most striking part of this, I don’t know if they lied to me from the start. They had offered to look at my downstairs HVAC to check the Freon when the weather was warmer. When I took them up on their offer, they said my Freon was very low and wouldn't last more than 2-4 weeks and therefore I should get a new unit. The salesman quoted me 3 options ranging from $11000-$14000 and was extremely pushy and I had to tell him to leave after repeatedly telling him I wanted to do more research. When I was able to research, I found a very experienced and honest HVAC specialist for a 2nd opinion and he said almost the exact opposite of MyPlumber, that the Freon was ABOVE FULL and though it was an old system, it didn't need to be replaced immediately. I asked for a quote anyway, and was shocked when he quoted me $5800 (full HVAC AC and Furnace). I got more quotes from other local companies who said a single furnace is $2000-$3000 and full HVAC is $5000-$6000 with the same services of MyPlumber offered. Since I have read on BBB from other customers that MyPlumber has made up the same story about the Heat Exchange, and given my experience with the Freon mentioned, I certainly have reason to believe they lied from the beginning. My Plumber essentially marked up the price more than 60% thus cheating me out of thousands of dollars, performed work very carelessly, potentially lied more than once, and created a lot of unnecessary headache. At this point, I feel no choice but to report them on BBB.Read More...

Barbara Dufek
Barbara Dufek 2.0

I called twice to get a hard copy of a receipt for close to $1,000 because my printer has issues. I never received a copy and will not use them again.

William Baumbach
William Baumbach 5.0
Nadia 5.0

I called about a leak under my sink. The plumber was here in under 2 hours.The old garbage disposal was leaking and needed replaced. Repairs were completed in less than an hour. Very reasonable pricing. Very professional employees.

Wanda Broadway
Wanda Broadway 5.0
Fortnite Epic
Fortnite Epic 5.0
Bonnie Simpson
Bonnie Simpson 5.0

Richard was thorough, knowledgeable, informative, professional.

Carolyn Carpenter
Carolyn Carpenter 5.0

He was fast , fixed my HVAC very happy and didn’t cost me my refund check , thank you again

Gary Bogar
Gary Bogar 5.0
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