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Keeping It Clean

Nothing says clean like the smell of fresh lemon. Manufactures know this, it is why so many house-hold cleaning products smell like the yellow, tropical fruit. The thing is – that wonderful lemon smell is just the surface, lemon oil and those wonderful acids that the fruit has in abundance really are effective cleaners…cutting through

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Another Water Conservation Tip

More from Wendell and Mark’s Favorite Tips Fruits and vegetables often come with a residual coating of dirt, wax and pesticides. Most people rinse the food under running water to wash away the coating. However, this practice eliminates only about 25% of the foreign matter and wastes a lot of water. There are better ways

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Taking Control in a Plumbing Emergency Can Eliminate a Homeowner’s Nightmare

Knowledge is Power Taking Control In A Plumbing Emergency Can Eliminate A Plumbing Disaster March 26, 2010 – Many plumbing emergencies involve water running to some place that it should not be. Frequently those places are where it can do damage to drywall, carpeting or hardwood flooring. It is unlikely that you will be able

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HVAC Dept. Forms Third Install Team

A shout out to HVAC installer Rafael Onato. Congratulations are due Rafael; he came to My Plumber as a trainee and now he is being promoted to lead a brand new install team of his own. Good luck to you Rafael and good luck to Team 3!

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