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Basement Flooding Solutions

April showers bring May flowers and flooded basements. During periods of heavy rain, My Plumber Heating and Cooling receives numerous calls from homeowners in regards to flooded basements and sump pumps not working. Based on our 30 years of experience and best plumber service, we have identified several reasons why basements flood. Water can enter into your basement via: leaks or cracks in the basement walls, clogged main drains, foundation drain failure, leaking or clogged downspouts, sump pump failure, a sewer system clog or back-up, or poor lot drainage. Most of these occur as a result of rainfall or heavy snow melt.

Besides the time and expense associated with a large clean-up bill, there are other negative consequences associated with basement flooding:

  • Frequent flooding results in long-term damage to the building which may not be covered by insurance.
  • Mold and mildew growth may occur resulting in serious respiratory problems.
  • Homeowner insurance rates or deductibles may rise to compensate for repeated flooding claims.

We sincerely hope your basement never floods, but if it does, give My Plumber Heating and Cooling a call. We are experts in dealing with flooded basements. We have complete drainage systems available to guide rainwater and melted snow off
the roof and away from the home. Our systems include rooftop drainage, downspouts, French drains, yard drains, sewer drains, catch basins and more. Best of all, we can repair your sewer and main lines without tearing up your yard. Our honest and highly-trained plumber service technicians will come to your home and consult with you on the best possible solution. We service Arlington, Bethesda, Fairfax, and Manassas, Springfield and Silver Spring and surrounding areas. Our work is 100% guaranteed so give us a call TODAY!

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