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Calling All Northern Virginia Pet Owners: Your Resident Plumber Has a Few Tips Designed to Protect Your Pipes

Life is better with your pal and confidant by your side. You do everything together, and you’ll do anything it takes to keep him safe at home. (And while you’re at it, take care to keep your home safe for him, too.)

Protect your pup, and your pipes. Consider the following tips from northern Virginia’s resident plumber, My Plumber Heating & Cooling:

During bath time, use drain stoppers or strainers in your tub or sink.

Fido’s favorite pastime is to roll around in the mud. It’s hot; the ground is cool, and he’s having a good ol’ time. It’s fun for him, and amusing for you, but boy, does he get dirty. The next time you have to give him a bath, My Plumber Heating and Cooling recommends using a stopper or a strainer to keep Fido’s hair from entering the drain. Dogs shed, and hair down the drain is a surefire way to end up with a clog.

Keep the toilet lid closed.

A dog has to drink, but he doesn’t have to drink from the toilet bowl. You may think, “It’s just water!” but that’s not necessarily true. Residue leftover from cleaners and chemicals can be incredibly harmful if ingested; that’s something no one wants. Keep your toilet lid closed.

Pay attention to the holes he digs.

Dogs dig holes. It’s just a fact of their lives as… dogs. But it’s important to note that water and/or sewer lines are sometimes only buried as few as 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. Make sure that the holes Fido digs are not deep enough to run the risk of holes in your lines.

Cat owner? Don’t flush the kitty litter.

Sometimes man’s best friend is a cat. It’s rare that you have to worry about cats digging holes in the backyard or drinking from the toilet — and you don’t generally have to bathe them — but you do need to concern yourself with the litter. Though some brands claim to be flushable, don’t do it.

And if you find yourself with a plumbing emergency, call the experts in northern Virginia, at My Plumber Heating and Cooling.

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