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DIY Plumbing for Beginners

For some people, the basic systems around their house are a source of mystery, stress and a feeling of helplessness. But when you learn a little bit about these systems, you will be empowered. There are lots of small tasks that you can safely and easily take care of yourself and you won’t need to call a plumber.

Plumbing Systems Require Basic Maintenance

It’s important to realize that mechanical systems are always going to wear out and require fixing at some point. A good part of home maintenance is simply paying attention to what’s wearing out and proactively fixing things before a major problem occurs.

Many Issues Can be Tackled by a Beginner

For instance, a very common issue is that the aerator in faucets becomes plugged. An aerator is a small ring of mesh that impedes the flow of water slightly to make it feel like there is more pressure in the line and to prevent splashing. You will see the aerator is becoming blocked when the water in a faucet starts spraying small streams in weird directions when you turn on the tap.

The fix couldn’t be simpler: a new aerator. It’s a less than $1 part that you can find in any home hardware store. Unscrew the little cap at the end of the faucet that holds the aerator in place. Pull out the old one, rinse out any corrosion or other build up, and put the new one in place. Screw it back on. To most people, this problem is so small that they don’t ever call a plumber, they just put up with it for years and years. But now you don’t have to.

Do Your Research Before Taking Things Apart

When you have a job that you think you might be able to tackle, do a little research to see what’s involved. YouTube has a lot of videos, many prepared by licensed plumbers to help you with the process. In general, an issue that doesn’t involve getting in the water pipes is a good candidate for a beginner to tackle. Things like toilets that run too much, faucets that drip, seals that leak under handles — problems like these are typically solved by swapping out parts, and other basic troubleshooting.

But, if a problem feels too big for you or you feel like it’s above your pay grade, don’t hesitate to call My Plumber for help. We can be out quickly and get things fixed for a reasonable price. Try us.

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