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Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter?

It’s still a bit warm out there, but don’t let these unseasonable temperatures fool you, northern Virginia is in for icy temperatures and chilly rain. Meteorologists all throughout the region are predicting a cold, cold, COLD winter, which means the time to get your heating system ready is now. The heating and cooling experts at My Plumber are standing by to make sure you’re not shivering in the snow come January.

Your heating system needs a tune-up.

It’s a great idea, no made the time of year, to have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system tuned up. Regular maintenance not only improves the unit’s overall performance, but can ultimately prevent costly emergency repairs.

Change your filters.

Take cooler temps, and add falling leaves. What do you get? Lots of dust and mold, that’s what. Fall allergy season is upon us, and the time to change your air filter is now. Your nose and lungs will thank you, and so will your wallet. Dirty filters aren’t just bad for air quality; they also contribute heavily to higher monthly utility bills.

Buy a generator.

If that January blizzard taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for everything. If and when Mother Nature decides to drop three feet of snow in your backyard and on the power lines, you’ll be glad you invested in a reliable generator.

Your generator needs a tune-up, too.

So you already have a generator. You’re ahead of the curve, but now is when you should start paying attention. We already talked about calling an experienced repair technician to tune up your heating system; it might be a good idea to have him take a look at the generator while he’s at it. Working parts and fully stocked fuel are the keys to staying warm when it’s cold outside… and inside.

Consider installing a digital thermostat.

The thermostats in most older homes are equipped with a [n unreliable] mercury-based temperature sensor, which could allow your home’s ambient temperature to exceed the chosen setting — and that means higher electricity bills. It might be time to consider installing a more modern, more accurate digital thermostat.

Clean your heating ducts, or let My Plumber Heating & Cooling clean them for you! Just as you should check your air filters once a month, heating ducts should be inspected and cleaned periodically throughout the year, as doing so will guarantee that the air flowing through your home is clean, and that your heating system works efficiently. Our HVAC experts will closely inspect your heating ducts for punctures, dents, or disconnected parts; we’ll also inspect the belts, motors, and electrical switches. We’ll even look at your thermostats if you’d like.

The temperatures will continue to drop. The days will continue to get shorter. Soon, snow will fall. Don’t get left out in the cold. Call My Plumber Heating & Cooling at (844) 294-8999
with any questions, or for help winterizing your heating and cooling system.

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