How to Prepare Your Plumbing for a Total Kitchen Remodel

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for a Total Kitchen Remodel

Renovating your kitchen can be a long and tiresome process. After months of researching contractors and picking out tile, the last thing you want to deal with is plumbing repairs mid-project.

To get a kitchen remodel right, you want to make sure you’re covering all your bases — starting with your plumbing.

Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Tips to Keep in Mind

Choose Which Fixtures Will Be Moved

While you’re mapping out your new and improved kitchen, take note of which fixtures you’re going to keep in place and which will be moved to another location. You may not need to move any fixtures at all (which is the easier route), but If you do, you’ll have to reroute the plumbing and electricity.

Reroute the Plumbing

Let your contractor know ahead of time which fixtures you want to be moved so they can relay the message to your plumber. No one wants to have a sink without any running water, so rerouting the plumbing will need to be done before any other projects begin.

Pick out Your Sink Before Installing New Cabinets

This may sound unnecessary, but trust us, you’ll want to know exactly which sink you’re installing before adding your cabinets. The contractor can use the sink dimensions while installing the cabinets — ensuring there’s enough room for the piping system. Homeowners who don’t choose their sink before installing cabinets often need to spend extra money and time.

Add in Additional Plumbing

If you decide you want to add a dishwasher or maybe a garbage disposal, you’ll need to modify your plumbing so a water supply line will run to it. Sit down with your contractor and plumber to make sure all necessary changes will be made accordingly.

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