Lighting Ideas For a Well-Lit Pool

Lighting Ideas For a Well-Lit Pool

Swimming in your pool at night is arguably more fun than swimming in it during the day. Regardless of when your favorite time to swim is, the undeniable fact is that you will not be able to use your pool at night if it is not well lit. Swimming in your pool at night without adequate lighting can be very dangerous and is certainly something that you want to avoid doing. Thankfully, there is a wide range of affordable ways to light up your pool, some of which are extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The Top 4 Lighting Ideas For Your Pool

1. LED Lighting: The most popular lighting option out there on the market today, is LED pool lighting which is energy efficient, available in an array of colors, and doesn't generate heat. LED is also very versatile so you can come up with all sorts of unique and creative ways to brighten up your swimming pool at night.

2. Floating Lights: An amazing product to recently hit the market is floating lights for swimming pools. They come in a broad range of colors, shapes, and designs, and some are LED driven, solar-powered, and rechargeable. Generally speaking, floating lights are great as a secondary light source for your swimming pool.

3. Above Pool Lighting: Draping light strings above your pool can create an enchanting atmosphere and mood. This is a great idea for a second pool lighting source, however, be careful when you are using above pool lighting. Only use light strings that are 100 percent waterproof and are powered by a non-outlet based source of electricity so if the light strings fall into the pool there is no risk or issue.

4. Around The Pool Lighting: Around the pool lighting is another great secondary light source option to consider. There are a lot of waterproof external pool light options to choose from, many of which can create a splendid pool-based atmosphere for night swimming. Some of these lights are even styled to look like old fashioned lanterns, which as you can imagine looks absolutely wonderful.

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