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Is Your Backyard Ready For The Summer?

Summer is almost here in the New England area. Before you plan your backyard party, you should make sure your outdoor space is well prepared. Now is the perfect time to prepare your backyard for barbecues and pool parties. These tips should help you prepare the perfect backyard for summer entertaining.

Install Outdoor Lighting

If you plan to use your backyard for entertainment, then consider having lights. You don’t need an electrician to install them. Screw in weight-bearing hooks that you can drape lights on. Just ensure that you install the lights next to an electrical outlet. If you don’t have electrical outlets, then hire a professional contractor or electrician to install some around your patio or deck.

Another option is to take balloons and insert small LED lights in them. Make sure that you turn the lights on before you insert them into the balloons. Blow up the balloons and allow them to float along with your outdoor canopy. Or, you can string them and let them float in the air.

Incorporate Landscape Lighting

An attractive and inviting entrance is important for homes, as it sets the tone for your outdoor entertaining. It’s easy to make sure that your front entrance looks warm and friendly to guests. You can install lights along your driveway and landscaping to add interest. This also ensures that your guests drive safely to and from your home.

LED flood lights are a great option if you don’t want to get too fancy. You can use them to light up other areas of your yard, such as bushes, columns, and trees. This type of lighting creates shadow effects and highlights some of the areas of your landscape. Your guests will be impressed by your skills and will look forward to the coming evening.

Add Pool Lighting

Don’t forget to illuminate your patio and pool as well. Make your patio and pool the focal point of your backyard. Use bistro lights to create intersecting or parallel lines, both of which are clean. The bistro lights will cascade along the night sky and will create reflections on the pool. It’ll be so captivating that your guests will call it a midsummer’s night dream.

Define Pathways & Walkways

You should clearly define pathways and walkways in your front yard and backyard. To make sure your guests are walking safely each step fo the way, install accent lights around area pathways and walkways.

If you have stairs, then consider installing lights on each step. These lights should be discreet and elegant enough that they don’t disturb your space or guests’ footsteps. It’s important to install lighting that allows them to seamlessly move throughout your yard.

Set Up an Outdoor Bar

You probably want to have the ultimate backyard party. Nothing’s worse than having to run inside and outside for drinks. You can combat this challenge with an outdoor bar. An affordable option is to have a rolling cart.

Stock some of your heaviest items on the bottom. Place cups and glasses on the middle shelf, so they don’t fall. Your drinks should be placed on the top. Make sure to leave space for guests to mix their drinks. All you need is a few garnishes so everyone can add them, and you have your very own outdoor bar.

Introduce Outdoor Audio

Now you need an outdoor audio system. Some ways you can introduce an audio system into your backyard party include:

  • Amplifiers
  • Satellite speakers
  • Smart speakers
  • Subwoofers

Speakers that are made in natural wood will blend in perfectly with the rest of your elements. Whether you’re entertaining guests or want to have a dance party in your backyard, you can stream your favorite music and enjoy the summer weather.

How Can My Plumber Heating & Cooling Help?

We have worked hard to build a reputation for excellence in the HVAC and plumbing industry, and we’re proud to offer that same quality of care, customer service, and attention to detail in our electrical services. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company to give you the peace of mind of knowing your safety is cared for, and we regularly train all our technicians to help them improve their skills and serve you better. Some of our electrical services include:

  • Outlets and Switches
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Installation

If you need help perfecting your backyard for the summer, we’re here to help. We have the tools and services you need to make your outdoor experience memorable. With the right amount of lighting and natural elements, My Plumber Heating & Cooling will make your summer a fun one. Don’t wait! Contact us today for a free estimate or more information.

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