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Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

Home Maintenance Tips for the Holiday Season It’s the holiday season — and that means your home will probably soon be filled with bright decorations, good food, and even better company. This time of year should be spent making memories with the ones you love, not worrying about an electrical, plumbing, or heating issue right

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Supporting the Community in Memory of Susan Phillips

This holiday season, My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical is once again partnering with several local area food pantries to feed our community. The food drive, known as Warm Hands & Full Hearts, was established in 2005 by a special My Plumber employee, Susan Phillips. The food drive has collected and distributed a cumulative total

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Keeping Our Community Warm This Season

Heating your home is essential, especially this unusually cold fall season for Virginia and Maryland, and especially for Mrs. Miller, a Temple Hills, Maryland resident, who will be extra warm at the request of a kindhearted My Plumber Heating Cooling & Electrical employee, Bill Bishop. Mrs. Miller, a local senior citizen and recent widow, called

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How to Check If Your Pilot Light is Out

Your Pilot Light is the Key to Stay Warm Fact: Your water heater and gas furnace are two crucial details in your home. And during the colder months out of the year, they play even more prominent roles to provide comfort. One feature that they share in common is that they both rely heavily on

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Why Should I Change My Air Filter?

One of the most essential pieces of your HVAC system is the filter. This important part helps trap allergens and debris when they go airborne, ultimately preventing them from making their way into your air ducts. However, while this filter should be replaced regularly, some homeowners overlook it and keep the same old filter in

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Your Complete Guide to HVAC Filters

A Guide to HVAC Filters It’s time we all gave our HVAC filters a little more respect. Call an HVAC technician and one of the first questions they ask is “When was the last time your cleaned or replaced your filters?” We might prioritize this chore if we understood what HVAC filters are designed to

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